ABL Business Model

Updated Thursday January 17, 2013 by American Basketball League.

League Structure

"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently"

-Henry Ford

The following key factors distinguish the ABL from other professional basketball leagues, which have seen over 200 franchises go bankrupt in the past ten years.  The concept of minor league basketball is not the problem.  The problem is lack of organizational integrity, credibility and structure that makes operating a profitable club as impossible as the statistics reveal.  Simply put, the ABL will not make the same mistakes habitually made by the alphabet soup leagues professing to be "professional" leagues.

  • Regional inter-conference scheduling with teams playing geographically in a manner which will reduce operating costs up to 50%
  • Mandatory league scheduling assuring member team’s home game revenues and eliminating the all too familiar no shows associated with other minor league organizations. Contractual death penalty for any club who violates the league rules regulations and code of conduct
  • A league Board of Governors consisting of each member team’s owners, which will vote on all substantive league issues, including expansion, marketing platforms and corporate sponsorship relationships
  • Any proposed league expansion shall be voted upon by the ABL Board of Governors.  If expansion is deemed to be in the best interest of the league, each member team shall engage in pro rata revenue sharing, which will be detailed in each member team’s Franchise Agreement.  This unprecedented business model will motivate each member team, as well as the ABL executive branch, to foster deliberate and well-planned growth
  • Upon joining the ABL, each member team will be provided with an “Operational Guide of Success”, which will include; Detailed Marketing strategies, Corporate contact information, Sponsorship Contract templates, Player Contract templates,  Facility Agreements and full administrative and executive support throughout the member team’s association with our league
  • The creation of an Executive Advisory Board featuring top entertainment, sports and business profiles in America today.  The Board will be distinguishable from any other Board of its type in professional sports