Mission Statement

Updated Wednesday June 18, 2014 by American Basketball League.

The Mission


Minor league basketball, we hate the word.  Unfortunately, every non-NBA alphabet soup professional basketball league in American sports history has been both a professional and financial disaster.

So we embarked upon efforts of changing history. Launching a league with a plan of being the first ever sustainable professional basketball league outside the NBA ever.  We almost failed.

Year one was filled with mistakes.  Some were foreseeable, some were not.  But despite the breach of trust and some rather unthinkable betrayals, we survived, learned from our mistakes and are better.

As the ABL enters the second season, we have removed the cancer and forged partnerships with individuals who have provided the financial and managerial security to assure our league's reputation will be restored to what we initially envisioned.

As long as our league is in existence, our mission will be consistently applied in our efforts of affording young aspiring professional basketball players the opportunity to further their careers and reach goals that otherwise would not have been possible.